Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Big Dudes

Hey everybody, I hope all is well. Things are just first rate here at The Fort. However, it sure would be nice if SUMMER would start eh? Hahaha! At least I haven't had to water the garden, a definite plus.

Anywho, today I have three clips from the Big Roll. Technically, Monday, 7/2/12's Big Roll. We had a nice mix of Chocolate Labs and Airedale Terriers, amongst other fine breeds like Boxers, German Shepherds and hounds. It was a very nice play group full of stunning lookers.

I stumbled upon a key news article as well, fitting for the coming holiday.

What to do if your pet gets lost on the 4th of July.

Truly some great tips in that one.

My tip, for if a panicked-pup won't come to you... Lie down onto the ground, face and belly down. Cover your face with your hands and make high-pitched "sad" or "whimpering" sounds. Don't chase after the dog unless it truly bolts. This sounds crazy, going against most of our initial reactions, but I have seen it work! Many times, a frantic canine will wonder what the heck you are doing and come to investigate. At that moment, you can roll over and snatch them up, hopefully lol! If that doesn't work, your better have legs like Usain and or pray that they're micro chipped.


Enjoy your week, stay dry,

P.S. I chased down and caught a dog once a few years ago... From Fort Fido down to Starbucks. No, the dog didn't get loose from our place *knocks on wood*. It was a rescue dog that jumped from this gals vehicle when she stopped by to check us out. Either way, I was extremely lucky to have caught up with it, scored me some kudos for sure! :)

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