Thursday, July 12, 2012

A bit O' Honey and Sophie

Wow, what a start to this week, three days and four new dogs giving Fort Fido a GO, excellent!

This morning we assessed Honey and Sophie.

Honey is a cute little, six year old, eleven pound, Havenese. She has been inherited into the same family as Fort regular Chloe. Honey is a very affectionate and happy dog. She pranced into the lobby as cheerful as ever, like she'd been here before. When she headed upstairs to the Little Roll, she wasn't quite sure what to think. Unlike her buddy Chloe, Honey has had only limited experience with socialization and play in her life. Hopefully, expanding her horizons at The Fort will help her make more friends.

Sophie is a charming, one year old, thirty-three pound, Vizsla. She stayed with us in our ever-popular Medium Roll. Sophie mingled with the group, meeting several different dogs. Unfortunately, she did not play. There is definitely no counting her out though, given time and consistency, she should be playing fast and furious with the others soon. That is our bet anyway. Vizslas are an interesting  breed that can really move! We have met a few over the years. They are extremely athletic and have a keen mind, Sophie is no exception.

We welcome Honey and Sophie here to Fort Fido with open arms. We will continue to encourage these two  to "let their hair down" and enjoy more of what the pack has to offer.

Be well,


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