Friday, July 13, 2012

A Bevy of News!

Check out those threads! Lol

There were a lot of pups making the papers lately-- here's a spattering of different articles you guys may find interesting:

Disabled Vietnam vet gets to keep service dog-- despite his township's moratorium, and efforts of less-than-understanding locals to get the pitt-mix banned. I remember reading about this back in 2011, when he had to move his dog outside of city limits. I'm relieved to know that the situation has been resolved in a positive way.

A missing dog was found (and rescued) from Little Brother Island,which is little more than a chunk of land bone-chillingly close to Niagara Falls. The unfortunate pup broke loose on the Fourth of July, scared by the fireworks. Luckily members of the State Parks Police Swift Water Rescue Team made their way out to the island to bring Lily back to safety.

This story is a little bit sad-- one dog, two families, and a legal battle over who gets to keep him.

After a surgery left her paralyzed, a couple made a Jerry-rigged wheelchair for her. Even the slight increase in her mobility drastically improved her quality of life. After her story made the local news, actually donated a doggie wheelchair to her, something that would have cost upwards of $1000 for a 100-pound dog.

An Iraq veteran is seeking to be reunited with his old partner-- bomb-sniffing dog Diego, who is now reaching retirement age. PETA has even asked members to write to the secretary of the Navy in support of reuniting these two.

Another bomb-sniffer was in the news-- this time for winning an online contest to be named an American Humane Association Hero Dog. He won the popular vote section, but there is still celebrity judging--I don't think they will fail to see what a special dog Gabe is.

Enjoy all that sunshine!


P.S.-- Stumbled across this video of a cat walking in a silly way, and it literally made me laugh out loud. Definitely worth a click!

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