Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dogs in the News

After rescuing a dog trapped on a quarry ledge in Oregon, firefighters reunited the wayward pooch with her owners and received many heartfelt thanks. The poor pup was missing for a week before being discovered on a rock ledge that firefighters had to repel down to. Fortunately for all, Daisy only sustained a couple bumps and bruises. You can check out video of the story here (it's the second or third story).

This site is good for a laugh-- it's a tumblr account named "Text from Dog" which features "conversations" between a pooch and his owner. Back in the day we used to just wonder what dogs would say if they can talk, now we wonder how they would use smartphones and social media!

 This one definitely made me crack up-- I've wondered this before!

A brave man saved a pup from a river. Though her road to recovery is long, she is very lucky that she got the chance for it to start at all. Many thanks to the brave soul who freed her from the weeds, even though there was no way to know if she would bite, who carried her to the car when she couldn't walk, and who took her to the vet. Way to go!

This is a great heartfelt story about a special education class who ended their school year by having a fundraiser for Marilyn's Voice-- a rescue group that takes in companion animals regardless of their "adoptability." It's really great to see these young people working to help others, and that is a wonderful thing to teach. So many other students ended their school year with a party or a day or two playing hookey, these kids worked to touch lives. :-)

Since it's starting to heat up, here is a neat slideshow with some cool pet products (literally!). These are designed to keep pets comfy in the heat of summer.

If you are looking for a pet-friendly vacation idea, check out JetSetPets. This neat website features all kinds of information on traveling with pets--worldwide! It also includes a list of the most pet-friendly cities around the globe. This is a really great resource for any pet owner.

Enjoy your sunny weekend!


P.S. I recently heard about some malware that may knock you off the internet! If you believe that your computer may be at risk-- click here to check your computer's function. Surf safely!

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