Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ginger and Macey keep them groovin'

Hotdog! I thought the clip we scored yesterday was good... Get a load of these two clips from today.

First up, we see Ginger runnin' amok (BTW I'm using that phrase in a jokingly good way lol.) upstairs in the Little Roll. She has been having a blast here at The Fort since her first day. She also has been getting the Little Pack to engage in lots of play... Not just ball time play. From wrastlin' to chase-me games, this little dog does it all with any pup that can keep up. Gherie, Marlee, and Riley, were just a few of Ginger's chums this visit.

In the Medium Roll, Ginger's big sister, Macey, had her "Whirling Dervish" impression on par with Gingers hahaha. Macey has been playing strong with several dogs from our ranks. Today, she sprinted around the most, with young dogs Pancake and Sammy.

Take it easy,

P.S. If you like Tim Burton, his style, and or, quirky canine-related films lol... Checkout "Frakenweenie"! It is available in those Redbox machines right now. It's a great movie, especially if you enjoyed The Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline.

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