Saturday, January 5, 2013

Super Sweet Saturday

Things were bumpin' in the Big Roll today! Zipper and Emily had a great time running and rolling around. These two are usually in separate areas, and made the most of their opportunity to get to know each other.
Red had a great time with his sweet pal Stella, who was a great match for speed and playstyle!
Red also had a great time tearing it up with his alliterative buddy Rain.

Over with the Medium pups, curly boys Cody and Keegan were best buds throughout the day. They might not be quite as large as the pups over on the big side, but they are just as feisty, with just as much personality. Dogs will be dogs, no matter the size!

Have a great weekend everybody!


P.S.--Enjoy this funny picture that Lexi found for us!

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