Saturday, January 12, 2013

Super Cute Overload!

Here are a few clips to get you your daily dose of cuteness! First up is an older dog teaching a young foster pup how to go down the stairs. See how the older guy makes an example, and then goes down slowly with the pup? What a great teacher!
Tiny puppy versus giant kong! 

Here's a pup who isn't quite sure whether or not she is still in the pool!
And now it's time for a round of Puppy VS Tortoise! I think that the fearless tortoise is the winner of this round--nothing was going to come between her and her snack.

Dogs are naturally friendly, and can enjoy the company of many animals. In this clip, a happy dog tries to share its love of toys with a pony (who doesn't quite get it).

While this seems like a horrible, diarrhea-laden idea to me, the video is startlingly hilarious!

Haha! I hope that you enjoyed these clips as much as I did-- I got quite a few well-needed laughs from them this morning. :-D

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