Friday, January 4, 2013

Would you like that Small, Medium, or Large?

Fort Fido is fun for all sizes! Check out these clips from each play area today--everybody was having a really great time, from the tiny guys all the way on up to the big brutes.

In the small roll, ball time was a hit as usual. Marlee was dominating while Lexi filmed the crew up there tearing across the floor after a ball. Seamus, Buckwheat, Candy, and Frizzy tried hard to catch up but were no match for the speedy Cocker Spaniel! Some dogs enjoy the chase more than they enjoy the retrieval.

From the medium roll we got this great clip featuring doodle buddies Jackson and Gracie. These two have similar playstyles (not to mention hairstyles!), and really enjoy each other's company.

Over with the big boys, Rommel was tearing it up with whoever would give him the chance! This high-energy pup loves any and everybody, and has a really infectious smile. You can see him here with Stella and Jack, and as Theodore starts to come in, he gets really excited to greet his buddy!

It sure seemed like everybody had a great day today, and I hope that it was the same for all of you!


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