Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The BeSSt!

One of the best "Dog Badge" pictures we have ever taken that is!

Checkout this fine specimen Bess. She is a clever, eight month old, sixty pound, German Shepherd. Bess stayed in our Big Roll and had a fun German Shepherd filled day. We had our work cutout for us with four GSDs total today, Bess, Jake, Maggie & Ziva. How exciting!

Bess observed the pack and did her best to figure out what was going on. She was quite vibrant and alert while meeting and greeting the other canines. Although she didn't play in the true sense of the word, she was very active and friendly with the other dogs. We plan on seeing more of Bess in the future. She is certainly welcome to attend Fort Fido. Hopefully she will get even more comfortable here and bust out into some play soon... It definitely won't surprise us if she does!

Have a great day,


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