Thursday, January 10, 2013

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Today in the big roll, Red and Stella were caught in the act--of romping, that is! These pups are both very high energy, and make a good (and exciting!) pair to watch.

Around the web, I found this cool video about a sixth-grader who helped a lost dog find her way home in a snowstorm-- by practicing his turkey calls. The most amazing part-- the 17-year-old Springer/Lab mix can hardly hear, and a voice calling would have gone totally unnoticed. The higher-pitched turkey call was still in the range of sounds that old Maggie could hear, and she came right over.

A family whose child had epilepsy wanted to get him a service dog, so in raising the funds (almost $13,000 for a specially trained pup), the boy Evan, came up with his own idea--he wanted to write a book about the special canines and why he wanted one. This was more for Evan's benefit than as a major part of the fundraising--but the internet can bring some big surprises! The book was a hit, and earned enough money for Evan's service dog, and seven others for children in the same situation. Check out the book on Amazon here.

To finish, here are a couple funny dog park photos! Lol

This last one reminds me of Gordon! Dogs are pretty good at figuring out where we're going, as I'm sure a lot of you notice when you start approaching the Fort!
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