Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hardcore Huskies

I'm really not sure if this will give everybody a laugh, but I gotta tell ya, for me, this has been the funniest dog related video I've seen in 2013 thus far. It had me cracking up extremely, because the music in the video is certainly a parody... Poking fun at a genre of music that, although I don't often admit it, YES, I used to listen to and love on a daily basis.

Call it what you will, Rock, Punk, Thrash Metal, Hardcore, or for some, just plain awful LOL! We won't go there, and I won't attempt to justify it (But I can, I swear!). Point being, the song "Moshes Me" down memory lane towards my teenage years haha. An exhilarating social time, where my friends and I "Rocked Out" from show to show without a care in the world. Funky hair, tight pants (Ya know, before males could buy them, and they had a name AKA "Skinny Jeans" ROFL), dancing, singing (screaming), crowd-surfing and spending wayyy too much time on Myspace. HAHAHA! Ahhh, those were the days. Whoa, sorry, tangent almost over. You know how music can often be a time machine?

Anywho, enjoy this hilarious, canine-related-clip, regardless of the tune. By the way, NO, we don't play any "Wild Music" back there with the dogs. We don't want to get them too riled up. At times it can be a "Most Pit" in here without any music lol. I stick to 98.1 King FM and even then, some of the suites are too amped up!

P.S. It's quite funny how we change over time, especially in our youth. How did I manage a steady diet of that? It must have been the ladies I was meeting (O Grant, you are sooo dark and mysterious!), ok fine, maybe it was the beer? HA! Either way, I look forward to humbly laughing at myself in another ten years. ;)

P.P.S. Eureka! This super-funny show, Portlandia, definitely explains where my mind went, after the "Husky Music" spurred me to reminisce with awkward teen dreams haha. Just watch this clip also, and enjoy. It's a great show!

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