Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A couple quick clips

We spotted some good action at the Fort today, starting with a great round of ball time upstairs. The little guys can really tear it up, and they pretty much all get in on the action. It's great to see so many dogs playing together. In this particular clip, there are four pups dominating the fetch-- Faramir, Frizzy, Marlee, and Gherie. Little Charlie and his buddy Buzz are also passing through.

Over in the medium roll, we caught Hopper on film "terrorizing" Scandi, who has the good humor to play along with his little friend. Sammy was also pretty eager to get in on the action, romping with his friends.

There's always something fun happening here! It's good to see everybody having such a great time.


P.S.-- Before you go, take a look at this funny picture I found!
Pug life!

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