Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just a few things

Our pal Pearl scored this awesome "cave" from her Grandparents for Xmas a few weeks back. That is one lucky pup! According to Pearl, she would like to get more accessories for the new tent... She plans on doing a lot of  "Glamping" (Glamour Camping LOL!) this summer. Hahaha!

In other happenings, found this video clip quite randomly. Apparently, the gentleman hosting, Huell Howser, was a longtime host of "Califronia's Gold", which is a popular Public Television show in Cali. Unfortunately, he recently passed away. I liken him to a Grant Goodeve, Rick Steves or George Ray type lol, however, I haven't seen the show. We are obviously only KBTC / KCTS folks around these parts. Anywho, the dog related clip from Huell's show had me rolling.

All for now, take care,

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