Thursday, January 31, 2013

Watch a whole morning at Ft Fido!

Jake has been on a roll with the neat time-lapses! This morning, starting dark and early at 6:30am, Fort Fido opened its doors to all of our fun furry friends (and their chauffeurs, lol). Before we know it, the sun is up and our play areas are getting full. This was especially fun for me to watch, since I am usually here for the evening roll-out, and not during the morning roll-in. Some real firecrackers come in very calm-- I was surprised by how relaxed the dogs seem to be in the morning. Once loose in the play areas, I know that all bets are off! That's probably pretty good leverage to get a nice "sit" out of them ;-)

Cortez keeps a watchful eye over everything from the comfort of his bed--I know that my Gordon wouldn't be so reserved about watching all those fun dogs go by. Dave and Nancy sure do run a tight ship! After years in "the biz," they've got it down to a science, or an art.

See you back for another round tomorrow!


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