Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To A New Year

Happy New Year Again!

Well, I got to thinking about some New Year's Resolutions this morning... I've never been too traditional about them, however, I attempt to stick to one every now and again lol. On top of the whole, "do more cardio" and "eat less junk", I thought about some canine related resolutions. Resolutions that will benefit me and my pal Gibson. Yes, even Dog Daycare Pros have less than savory moments with their pets. You know, "The Preachers Kid" syndrome, as I like to call it hahaha.

Anywho, here are my TOP FIVE Canine Companion New Year's Resolutions for 2013. My goal is to give them my very best shot. Feel free to use them in your doggy endeavors and or makeup a few of you own. They should certainly help to strengthen the relationship you have with your pet. Also, feel free to just chuckle at these and disregard them... We are open, 24/7, 365 HA! ;)

1. I will follow through with the commands I give my dog. AKA, I will not let the dog decide when it's time to come inside, when it's time to move from a stay and when it's time to eat, go out, get off the furniture, etc...

2. I will keep my dog on a regular feeding schedule. In turn, this will regulate his "Potty Time" and I won't need to let him out in the wee hours of the night, because I forgot to feed him, and fed him at 10:00 PM. Doh!

3. I will exercise my dog more. Yes, two daily mile walks, on top of a few hours of Dog Daycare five times a week, is barely enough for a in-shape, high-energy breed like the Shetland Sheepdog. Daycare is just another outlet and some dogs just can't get enough. On the weekends, we shall hit up one of the local dog parks and or go play "Soccer" at the park (Me kicking a ball around a field while he sprints around and herds it.). I have found that this added activity on the weekends, really helps Gibson behave. The more energy exerted, the more he tows the line and the better we communicate in general. Go figure eh? LOL!

4. I will have more "Touch Time" with my dog... Yup, "Touch Time", I think that is a more manly way of saying, "I'm going to cuddle my dog more."? This is a comforting, stress-relieving activity for both of us and I believe it generally strengthens our bond.

5. I will have more patience with my dog this year. To me, this means commands will be given firmly, clearly and without too much emotion or hesitation. My dog seems to be quite sensitive, if I take my energy down a notch, he usually responds to me much quicker. If he isn't doing what I need him to do, I'll correct him in the appropriate manner without getting red in the face. When I am relaxed, he is to, and listens well. If he senses my energy is off or that I am in a hurry, he calls my bluff, while suddenly becoming deaf and acting like he doesn't know what I want. Haha, ya know what I mean? Patience will be the key this year!

Woo, that will wrap it up! I Hope I didn't "Bite off more then I can chew" hehehe... Here goes nothin. If you tryout a few of these resolutions, let me know, and best of luck to you! We are all in this together, and at The Fort, we are here for you!

To a wonderful New Year, positive vibes to all of us and our pets!

Have a great day,

P.S. Notice how I have nothing about S.A. in my resolutions... Time to "toot my own horn"! Fortunately for us, we don't have to work on that issue, because we have been working on it strongly since day one. If you do have to work on some S.A. stuff with your dog however, have no fear and take a gander at this article. It can be overcome and you can do it!

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