Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello Dolly, and Olive Too!

First we have Dolly. Dolly is a 2 year old, 20 pound, Swedish Vallhund. Much like Corgis, The Swedish Vallhunds are affectionate, energetic, cattle herding dogs. Dolly was a bit hesitant at first but quickly warmed up to the medium roll. Here is a clip of Dolly playing with Jackson the Goldendoodle and Jackson the French Bulldog.

Next we have Olive. Olive is a beautiful, 2 Year old, 50 pound, Liver Spotted Dalmation. Olive did great in our big roll today, jumping right into the action with the other dogs. Heres a clip from this morning of Olive playing in the big roll.
Both Olive and Dolly did a great job today and we hope to see them back soon!
Have a good one,

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