Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Harley, and Fort Fido takes the Bing Challenge!

This chilly Saturday morning we got to meet a sweet and sassy lab pup named Harley. He is nine months old, and is all about playing! He took on any and all comers, and played hard but fair with some of the other labs we had here this morning. Bubba, Flash, and Ryker all had a turn playing with this fun guy, and everybody was left exhausted by the end of his assessment! This little guy is going to be a lot of fun in with our big dogs, and will make a great addition to the pack-- welcome to Fort Fido!
We met Bingley for his first daycare day yesterday, and he stayed with us last night-- our fun doggie version of the Bing Challenge! He is a very sociable gentleman, and took to Tikvah straight away. Luckily for him, he gets to play with her for a few days as they are both boarding together. It's always more fun to have a slumber party with a good friend! He's been doing fantastically over with the medium guys, and seems to really enjoy his time with the pack.
We've been having some really great dogs joining up with us lately, and hope that the trend continues! A big thanks to all for your continued support,

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