Saturday, December 1, 2012

Short clips and a Happy happy Birthday!

Today was Miss Sophie Lynne's third birthday! I'm glad that we got the chance to celebrate with her today, and send her home with a fun "Birthday Ball." I captured a short clip of her having a little rumble with her best buddy Pearl. These two little ladies make a great pair!

And a big thanks to her mom Melody for the yummy treats she brought to share with all of Sophie's friends!

In other clips, big boys Samson and Gordon were tearing it up this morning! It's good to see that the pups spending the night here are incredibly comfortable, and don't get over-tired. And I know it must be fun to see the pup at play while you're away!

Everyone have a great weekend--don't let the gray skies get you down! It certainly wasn't holding my canine friends back any. :-D


P.S.-- I have recently come across some startling news about a canine parvovirus outbreak in the Puget Sound area. This disease can be deadly to dogs, and vaccination is highly recommended. Fort Fido requires the Distemper-Combo shot (which includes parvo immunity) for all daycare and boarding dogs. Please encourage all your friends and dog-owners that you know to get their pets vaccinated against this deadly disease!

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