Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Season's Greetings from Diego & Miller

We received two awesome Christmas cards/photos recently (Click them to enlarge).

One from Diego. He is looking as sharp as ever posin' in front of the tree. Note that he is sporting some holiday accessories. So Vogue lol!

The other is from Main Man Miller. I think this one is spectacular, the card is an ornament that you can actually hangup. Miller is a natural dog-model putting on his best "Blue Steel" for this winter warming pic.


A few dog related headlines from this afternoon:

Dog found three years later and 71 miles away (Pretty good but the last link tops this one!)

New dog for Christmas? (Some great info. here. We always meet a Xmas pup or two :)

Why dogs do the funny things they do (I really enjoyed this article, I've often wondered about several of the things mentioned, very cool.)

Man credits dog with saving his life (Another nice one where a dog saves the day.)

Dog returns home after 8-year, 2,700 mile trip (Holy Mackerel! Really ? LOL.)




  1. YAY you got our card :)
    My husband told me to leave off the accesories since Diego is not a girl haha I didnt listen to him obviously

  2. Yes, very cool, thanks!

    Haha I don't blame him... Luckily Diego pulled it off nicely Haha.