Thursday, December 15, 2011

Super Signage!

Today the Fort got hooked up with a cool new sign! The guys from Clear Channel came out and replaced the whole strip of signs just outside. They were really nice guys, and let us document the whole process.

First step--raise the truck bed so that they can reach the billboard.

Here's some finagling as they try and remove the old sign.

This picture is particularly neat--you can see the old sign beneath ours, showing that a dance studio used to be in this building. The building that Fort Fido occupies was built in the 1950s, and has hosted a lot of different businesses over the years.

Here they are hanging the new sign--I really like this color better, it stands out a lot more than the tan sign did.

Here is the finished product! Fort Fido, and our neighbor Max-MPG Scooters and Motorcycle service.

Just to round things out, here is a clip from each play area today!

Have a good night everyone!


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