Monday, December 26, 2011

Cute Lil Kate!

Kate is a 3-month-old Miniature Australian Shepherd whom we welcomed into our Pack this morning. She is a gorgeous little Blue Merle, with a lot of energy! Kate was spunky and confident with the other dogs, although she didn't jump right into the mix. There was a lot of tail-wagging and sniffing around, and she seemed very intrigued by the beautiful Irish Setter Miura. Kate's curiosity and energy level makes me think that once she's more comfortable in the daycare environment (it can all be very new and overwhelming for a little one!), she's gonna bust out all the stops.

We've had quite a few Australian Shepherds of all sizes over the years, and they tend to be a breed that really thrives in daycare. Starting off young is also great--it will help Kate to be well-socialized and build good foundations for communication and pack behavior that will help her for the rest of her life.

It was really great having this precious pup join us today!


P.S. I also found a neat article about a little pup in Idaho who woke her family when a fire was breaking out in their home. Thanks to that pup, everybody made it out okay.

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