Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Fashion at Fort Fido!

There wasn't too much going on at the Fort today, so we decided to have a little Christmas Fashion Show!

First little Chloe donned her gay apparel, a Santa Suit!

Tikvah looked great in that same suit, with matching hat. She really knows how to work the camera.
Tikvah also tried on a cute little stocking cap. This girl really likes to get dressed up!

Lastly, I managed to finagle Gordon into the Santa hat, though it wasn't long before it was off of his head and into his mouth.

Emily tried on the hat for a minute, but only because I held her lunch hostage! Lol. This girl is too rambunctious and excited to play to sit still for long.

I also read a couple of very sweet Christmas articles today, including this one about a little girl's letter to Santa.

A blind pup, lost and presumed dead, was located and returned home, just in time for Christmas. Talk about a miracle!

Some shelter dogs got a visit from Santa's elves
, and received much-needed supplies and care this Christmas.

Here's wishing you all a lovely holiday,


P.S. I wanted to share a holiday memory with all of you guys--I remember watching this every Christmas with my siblings when I was a kid. The NORAD Santa-tracker has been a yearly tradition since 1955, when a department store printed the wrong phone number in a "talk to Santa" ad. From those humble beginnings, we now have a massive production, with over 80,000 people calling in to check on Santa's progress and over 2 million people watching the holiday antics online.

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