Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello Monday

(Unfortunately the quality on this pic isn't that great, had to be scanned, it's an old one. Either way, this Big Mama tipped the scales at 160 pounds!)

Just a few article-links found this afternoon, enjoy!

After duty, dogs suffer like soldiers (Very sad, I most definitely believe it.)

Pooch has ruff time delivering 15 puppies (Whoa! Good thing you didn't have to do that Miura lol. Hard to believe it isn't even close to the record of 24, held by a Neapolitan Mastiff. We had one of those here at The Fort for awhile. She was a sweet yet tricky to handle gal named Olivia. Let's just say, she knocked one of us over once real good hahaha.)

Dogs of WWII (Interesting stuff here.)

Dog missing for eight years to be reunited with family (Now that's a holiday tale!)

Why do dogs howl at harmonicas? ( Funny, I know many pooches that do this... Not Gibson, however, it's easy to get most Huskies going... Marco Polo in particular.)

Dangerous dog policy in Pierce County deemed unconstitutional (Hmmm, this one is opening up a whole can of worms for sure.)

Scored a clip from the Xmas parade, in Enumclaw, the band and I attended. See if you can spot me. Here's a clue, I'm very Elf-Like hahaha. Sometimes ya just gotta go all out.

Take it easy,


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