Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meet The Bear

Bear was in bright and early this morning for his assessment. He is a four year old, seventy pound, German Shepherd Mix with a wonderfully beautiful coat. We tried him out in our Medium Roll where he assumed the "Top Dog" position in the pack rather quickly. Bear exhibited good bite control while correcting puppies. He seems to be a fairly well-seasoned alpha, the medium roll is where he'll stay for now.

Bear also took quite a liking to Miss Patty. With her charms, she is quite hard to resit, the two frolicked and romped for a large part of Bear's stay.

To us, Bear, looks a lot like a German Leonberger, maybe it's the purple tongue? Could be a Chow thing too?

Anywho, nice job today pal, we will see you again soon.

Take care,

P.S. I got a nice email forwarded to me from one of our customers. It's pet safety tips for the Holidays. Definitely worth a read to remind us all. ;)

We did have one of our daycare dogs pass an ornament today, yuck! If a canine can't pass a certain object on its own, it can be life threatening, not to mention, one pricey vet bill... Trust me, I've heard several stories over the years and have helped extract a number of things from dog-bums lol. Keep an extra eye on your pet over the holidays... No pun intended. :)

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