Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Short and sweet, twas a busy day.

Two from the Medium Roll with the ever so rowdy Buddah and Tikvah.

Two clips from the Little Roll, never a dull moment up there. Chloe and Pearl are always getting spunky no matter what day it is.

I should have had Mom (Nancy) film my dad (David) and I fixing the big utility sink downstairs this morning lol. Last night, Gary noticed that it was leaking heavily onto the floor! We had to shut the water off so there wasn't any bathroom/cleaning facilities downstairs for awhile. There was also a lot of mopping to do, doh! It was a bummer but luckily we got a new faucet on the thing and it's dry as a bone now. We actually got it fixed rather quickly without any foul language or bickering hahaha! We also got off cheap this time around. The last Fort Fido plumbing fiasco cost 50 times as much and let's just say we needed professional help.




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