Friday, December 2, 2011

Photos, Link and Clips!

Our newest employee, Kelsey (She's still behind the scenes at this point but is doing a fantastic job), took a couple of great photos the other day. I thought I'd share them because they turned out real swell. Click on the photos to enlarge them, the one of Koji is my particular favorite, so artsy lol.





Early this morning I found this link from MSN. It talks a bit about Hybrid Dog Breeds and their current popularity. I would certainly agree, the majority of Fort Fido dogs are mixed, "Designer Breeds", as we like to call them. They can be super-dogs for a variety of reasons. Some are even hypoallergenic! The Designer Breeds all seem to have Hybrid Vigor that combats the fussy physical problems many purebred breeds experience. Not all folks agree with that theory but this guy does. ;)

Here are three grand clips from The Rolls.

Up first, Maximus and Fort long-timer Murphy had a blast together today in the Big Roll.

New pup Kona has been loving it in the Medium Roll, there is ALWAYS someone to play with in that group!

From the Little Roll we have a strong trio battling it out, Chloe, Koji and Pearl. Not surprised by that one lol.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. If you are looking for some family-fun this weekend, checkout the Enumclaw Christmas Parade this Saturday evening. My Pipe Band, among others, will be there. It should prove to be a real fun time for all, albeit, cold!

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