Wednesday, December 7, 2011

]]] Luther's Adventure [[[

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Wow, now this is a good one, although a bit scary...

This morning dad (David) was in the lobby greeting customers. While glancing out the window he noticed a dog across the street, near Roundtable Pizza, approaching The Fort. The dog looked very familiar, "Is that Luther?" he thought. He was astonished to find out that it was! Already heading his way, David called for Luther and he happily came into the door then straight into the Big Roll, where he rules the roost I must add. So, Luther decided to bring himself to Doggie Daycare today, ahhh hahaha! Everyone was shocked. We found it very comical, he seemed to have a look on his face like, "Yeah, so what?" lol. In the past we've wondered at the possibilities of something like this happening.

The dogs at Fort Fido have a really good time here, for many, it becomes their second home. Everyone is fortunate and relived that Luther, however the heck he escaped, made it here in one piece. He managed to make his way roughly two miles from Crystal Springs Road, near Titlow Beach, all the way to 27th and Bridgeport! He no doubt crossed several busy streets and intersections while avoiding the dog catcher lol! Luther's owner is out of town, the house sitter/dog watcher had no idea how he escaped... His sis Payton was still in the yard and all gates were locked down. Luther is an old pooch but still has quite a bit of spring in his step, maybe he jumped over something?

Anyways, good thing he is here and safe now. What a wild morning for all involved! I have had a number of house sitting/dog watching gigs in the past. I know how difficult it can be to keep track of another person's household/pets. I know the sitter and feel for her, she's a great gal and loves these dogs... Sometimes accidents happen!

To Luther: No more adventures like that ya crazy man!


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  1. I heard about this story when I dropped of Diego in the morning :) That is crazy, dangerous with all the cars but still funny! Means you guys are doing a good job at day care!
    My dog in Germany does that all the time. Takes himself on walks and comes back home after 30 min or so...

  2. Yeah!

    Thanks, we try, definitely took it as a compliment hehe.

    That's funny and awesome, what a cool dog, hope he stays safe!