Saturday, December 3, 2011

A couple long clips!

I caught some longer clips today to share with all you guys today. First up is a clip of Gordon and his buddies Emily and Tikvah. It's pretty funny how even dogs have their "friends" whom they prefer to play with.

This next clip has almost everyone in it! Sam, Lukas, Emily, Tikvah, and Gordon are all tearing it up in this minute-long peek at Fort Fido.

In the news, I found this article about a long-lost dog has been found, and a trip home is being arranged. That pup made it all the way from the East coast to the West, what a journey it must have been.

Another pet has been returned home, after a woman took matters into her own hands to draw attention to her "missing dog" signs.

One more reunion story. It's good to see so many happy endings for people who have lost their pets.

This is interesting as well--military dogs can suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, just like their two-legged companions.

This is kind of funny--but certainly not for the hunter in question! A bird dog was with his owner on a hunting trip, when the pup got excited and jumped on a shotgun, causing it to go off and shoot the hunter in the buttocks. Ouch! Luckily, the man was several feet away, and the firearm was loaded with light birdshot. He's going to be fine, though sitting will probably be awkward and uncomfortable for a while!

Have a great weekend!


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