Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Friday!

Here are some superb news articles that Hope found earlier today.

Dog and rooster alert family to fire

World's oldest dog dies

Dog rescues dumped kittens

Blind horses and dogs find sweet life on farm

Here are some clips from the rolls today.

First up, two from the Medium Roll.

Miss Black Bella has a blast here all the time, look at her make the rounds lol.

Fort Fido old-schoolers Annie (Lab Mix) and Sofee (Boston Terrier/Pug/French Bulldog Mix) have been best buddies for a few years now, they are some great dogs.

Two from the Big Roll as well...

Mollie and Polo played quite hard this morning, they can handle it though. ;)

Bubba, Max and Sam were an unstoppable trio of pals most of the day.

Last but not least, the Littles.

Buddy and Chloe go at it.

The chase is on in this one with Chloe for the win Haha! She usually steals the show up there, always doing something fun.

Happy Friday y'all, have a nice weekend,


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