Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Clip Reel...

Roll it!

Today in the Big Roll play area, we had a lot of action involving Max, Liberty, and Reilly... Border Collie Max, sure knows how to stir up the fun!

Big puppy-head, Oliver, has recently "graduated" from the Medium Roll to the Big Roll. He is experiencing his second day of the Large Pack today. We are glad he's made the move, and sure enough, as you can see, he is doing well and loving his new digs/friends.

In the Medium Roll today, it was our normal "cyclone of fur" that is Lucky and Yuki hahaha!


As usual, Georgie played her tail off, this time with "siblings" Lucy and Max. Awesome stuff.

Upstairs in the Little Roll, we had our cute Wednesday Regulars, and of course, lots of ball time. Sometimes, it can be rather hard to catch the little dogs engaging in dyadic (one on one), wrestling-style play... Today however, we got lucky. Here are Fort Fido mainstays, Oreo and Samarah, having a darn good time together.

Take it easy,


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