Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Ruby with the eyes that sparkle"

This morning we had the pleasure of assessing the ever-so-cute Ruby. She is a sweet, four month old, twenty-five pound, Vizsla. We wasted no time introducing Ruby to the Medium Roll. Once there, she got to meet and greet with new fun-loving pups Logan and Oliver... Those two, among others, proved to be an awesome match for Ruby throughout the morning. Ruby is doing a fine job at learning how to speak "Dog" and socialize. She is the perfect age for learning, and she's at the perfect "school" for learning, that being The Fort of course! We believe Ruby is going to grow into a very healthy and well-rounded canine. She is definitely welcome here anytime. Kudos to her owner for doing right by her!

Enjoy these two clips of Ruby jamming in the play area.


Be well,

P.S. Also, Ruby just so happens to be the "niece" of Fort Fido regular Louie, cool stuff.

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