Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hot As A Pistol Pete

Yeah, kinda like that lol... The real Pistol Pete. There's also the College mascot versions, the old-school NBA star, and of course, the real good restaurant BBQ Pete's haha.

The Fort welcomed in a real player this morning... Meet Pete! He is a fun-loving, two year old, fifty pound, Australian Shepherd. Now Pete bound into the building ready and rarin to go. Like a bullet, he shot to The Medium Roll, with positive high-energy, and Dog Wrangler, Zach, in tow lol. It was quite clear that Pete was 100% ready to figure out what Fort Fido is all about. Upon entry into the play area, Pete met up with Louis, and the two hit it off instantly. Ya see, Pete is a very social canine, he meets and greets dogs well, just wanting to play and make buds, with any dog that's game. It sure is great to welcome in a new dog that truly likes to play, socialize, and fit in with the pack real proper like. This Pete fella definitely does all of that, and he is most welcome here. Well done today Pete!

In the clips that follow, buckaroo-Pete, enjoys himself with Louis, and others from the Medium Roll Pack.

Take it easy,


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