Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cheesin' it with Chedder

(Mmm... Tillamook lol. Wrong type of "CheddAr", sorry, we're talking about the dog here...)

Get a load of Chedder! He is a hardy, two year old, seventy-pound, yellow, Labrador Retriever, that had his assessment today. Chedder brought his happy-go-lucky disposition in with him to the Big Roll. Once inside the play area, he met up with Theodore. The two hit it off instantly, ripping around and playing hard. Chedder is an extremely social dog, that is fluent in canine communication. He's the type that just wants to play, and have a good old time with any other dog that's receptive. Lucky for Chedder, there were several fun dogs in today that he got to mix it up with. All in all, The Fort scored an outstanding new Big Roll pack member... Way to go Chedder! You are welcome to Fort Fido anytime and we hope to see you again soon.

Here are two sweet clips of Chedder enjoying himself.

Take it easy,


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