Thursday, May 29, 2014

Very Keen

Get a load of Keen! He is an intelligent, six year old, fifty-five pound, mixed breed, that assessed this morning. In the Big Roll, "Keen", pretty much lived up to his name... Showing an ability to think clearly and understand, while communicating with other canines. Keen seemingly enjoyed being with the pack, and socialized with several different dogs. When it came to play, Keen wasn't quite ready to get into much of it, although he did have the opportunity to We believe there is a good chance that Keen will become comfortable enough to play here, once he gets a few more Fort Fido visits under his belt. At the end day, Keen's a nice and good looking dog that is welcome here at The Fort anytime. Hopefully he'll "bust out" next time, cause there were many dogs that fancied him and tried to get him in the game.

Swell job today Keen!

Be well,


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