Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Today we introduced Hailey to Fort Fido's Pack. She is a six month old, black and white colored, twenty-five pound, Portuguese Water Dog. This "presidential pooch" came into The Fort just a wiggling away, and ready for fun! Hailey flew back with us to the Medium Roll, where she began to meet the crew. As the play area filled with other outstanding canines, Hailey, must have thought she had "died and gone to heaven" lol. This playful puppy "got in the game" instantly. She ran about wildly and had a blast with any other canine that was into her play-style. Hailey's your typical happy and excited young dog, that can get a lot out of Dog Daycare. The socialization and high-energy play, will do wonders for her. We'd like to see Hailey around as much as possible. Her owners are doing a fine job taking care of her... If they continue with the strong leadership and consistency, there's no doubt that Hailey will become a first-rate adult dog... Just as good as "first-dog" Bo.


We captured a few nice clips of Hailey doing her thing. She thoroughly enjoyed Ruby, Yuki, Lucky, and Cody, among several others. Hailey was down to play with any dog at any time.




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