Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jaunty Jerry

Today we had Jerry in for his assessment. He is a striking, five year old, eighteen pound, black colored, Miniature Schnauzer. Jerry entered Fort Fido with a cool mix of confidence and intrigue. We escorted him to the Little Roll, where he'd be spending his time with the pack. Once there, Jerry blended into the play group well, because he speaks pretty darn good "Dog". It's clear that Jerry has socialized with other canines before. Amidst our pack, Jerry played a little bit with the others, and liked chasing after balls and toys. The Fort seems to be a nice fit for Jerry. He has spent time at other boarding facilities in the past, doing good and enjoying himself. Jerry has even traveled as far as Panama! One hilarious fact about Jerry, is that at home, his best friend and playmate is the family cat, too funny.
We believe that Jerry will continue to thrive at Fort Fido. He is a neat dog that's welcome any day or night.
Be well,
P.S. Although not too action packed, you can spot Jerry in the following clip.

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