Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lucky for us...

It was Lucky's day to have his assessment! He is a very original looking, nine month old, ten pound, Dark Brindle, Terrier Mix. Lucky is the new "little brother" of Fort Fido regular, Ruby. Recently rescued, Lucky, is certainly living up to his name... His new forever-home and family can't be beat! These folks are dog owners that truly know how to do right by a canine. Compliments to them.

This morning, Lucky was a bit hesitant about stepping into The Fort at first. Once he reached the Little Roll upstairs, he calmed a bit, and was interested in his new surroundings. Like his "big sister" Ruby, Lucky is good at speaking "Dog", understanding just how to communicate with new canine acquaintances. As many of you know, dogs communicate in a myriad of ways, some being quite subtle... And just like people, some canines "speak to each other" better than others lol. Lucky went from meeting and greeting the other dogs, to fun-filled play with several of them, within an instant! Twas a sight to see. Given all that, it's easy for us to say "Welcome to the pack Lucky Dude, see ya soon!"

Here is Lucky in video from this morning, playing with Barclay and Miguel.


Take care,

P.S. Have a wonderful Memorial Day! Please note, there is still room available for Overnight Boarding this weekend, reserve your spot as soon as you can.

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