Friday, February 21, 2014

Pretty Lexi

This morn we had Lexi in for her assessment. She is a five year old, eighteen pound, chocolate colored, Miniature Poodle. Lexi is a very good looking dog, and it is almost as if she could be related to Medium Roll Regular, Barkley. She hung out upstairs in The Fort's Little Roll. Lexi didn't do half bad here today, she frolicked a bit, and met with a few different canines. Lexi wasn't really into playing, however, she was very comfortable with the Dog Daycare environment. We may not see Lexi a whole heck of a lot, but we shall be seeing her for a Overnight Boarding stay sometime down the road.

Lexi and Barkley are only a few months apart in age, darn close, and almost close enough for me to say "separated at birth", but not quite lol. Keep in mind, this is Barkley's baby-badge-picture, he's only three months old in this shot.

Have a nice weekend,


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