Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feeling ambitious?

With the cold and stormy weather we've been having around here lately, some dogs really enjoy a little extra "warmth" around them. Sure, you could always purchase a dog sweater, or four little waterproof booties, but why not make them yourself? If you are feeling ambitious, and or know anything about sewing stuff. Checkout this really fun Youtube tutorial I found awhile back. "Steve The Daschund" has a really cool owner that whips him up a homemade dog sweater, and some DIY booties. Too cool, check it out even if you aren't gonna make anything, it's just cute lol.

Two years later, he's still rocking the well-made sweater.

It sure is amazing what crafty-folk can do. It's also wonderful when they take the time, to share their efforts with the world online.

Take it easy,


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