Monday, February 24, 2014

Jack & Jill

Went, not "up the hill", but upstairs to the Little Roll lol. That is where they had their assessments early this morning.

Jack is a eight year old, twenty-two pound, black colored, Miniature Poodle. His littermate-sister, Jill, is an eight year old, eighteen pound, black and white colored, Miniature Poodle. Both Jack and Jill did a good job here today at Fort Fido. They weren't quite sure what to think of the place at first, but after a while, they settled in nicely. These very comely canines socialized decently, and have been around other dogs many times before. There wasn't too much play out of the "mature" Jack and Jill, however they seemed to enjoy their visit with the pack. We will most certainly allow Jack and Jill to come to The Fort anytime.

Happy Monday,


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