Monday, February 17, 2014

Rollicking Rufus

Meet Rufus! He is a three year old, eighty pound, Tick Hound Mix, that had his assessment this last Saturday. Now Rufus did absolutely superb. He is a wonderful dog, with a great attitude. Rufus is extremely fluent in "Dog Speak", and showed off his canine-communication-skills with ease. He has attended Dog Daycare before, so fitting in with the pack at Fort Fido was not a problem. Throughout the day, Rufus exhibited solid and fair play. He "jammed" with several different dogs, including Diego, which became one of his favorites. Rufus, you are welcome to stop by The Fort anytime, and we certainly hope that you do!

Here's Rufus & Diego, playing well together in the Big Roll.

Have a nice President's Day,


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