Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chipper Chowder

Meet Chowder! He is a five year old, thirty pound, Welsh Corgi Mixed Breed, that had his assessment this morning. A very striking dog, Chowder, could be a mixture of several different dogs... Certainly, some type of Corgi (be it Pembroke or Cardigan) is in there, and maybe Miniature Australian Shepherd, or a little Australian Cattle Dog, there could even be a smidgen of Shetland Sheepdog in there somewhere. Without a DNA Test, who knows, but it's sure fun to make guesses.

Chowder stayed with us today in our Medium Roll. A dog park regular, Chowder isn't a stranger to meeting other canines. He met several different pack members this morning, and was curious about his new surroundings. Although we didn't see too much "play" out of Chowder, he certainly had the opportunity. He seemingly enjoyed his experience here, and displayed some decent canine communication skills. Given time and consistency, we believe Chowder will eventually bust out into some play here at The Fort. For now, he's quite welcome to attend anytime. Swell job today Chowder, we'll see you again real soon!

Take it easy,


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