Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Introducing Katie & Barclay

This morning we had two cute and lively little rascals in for their Assessment Day. Meet Katie and Barclay!

Katie is a sweet, four year old, eighteen pound, white, black, and brown colored, Wirehaired Fox Terrier. She stayed with us in The Little Roll, and did a fine job socializing with our pack. Although not quite as outgoing as her "brother" Barclay, Katie, appeared to be "in the groove" and comfortable during her stay.

Barclay is a three year old, twenty-two pound, wheat colored, Cairn Terrier. He marched up to the Little Roll, along with his "sister" Katie, and also did a first rate job of palling around with the other canines. Barclay hints at being slightly more lively than Katie, and seemed to play a bit more than her. He even did some one-on-one play with other pooches.

Being Dog Daycare regulars, Katie and Barclay are used to, and enjoy, the daycare experience. Today, Katie and Barclay met about a dozen of similar-sized dogs, of various ages and play-styles. The two had a delightful first visit and we are enthusiastic bout their return.

In the following clip, you can spot Katie and Barclay amidst the action.

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