Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bear & Kaya

Today we assessed two very striking dogs from the same family. Meet Bear and Kaya.

Bear is a fuzzy, seven year old, twenty-seven pound, red and white colored, Shiba Inu. This "grizzly" dude is quite photogenic. He hung out with his "sister" Kaya in our Medium Roll. Bear truly lived up to his Spitz ancestry, with his exotic-good-looks and spirited demeanor. Bear played a tiny bit with Fort regular Jack.

Kaya is a spunky, two year old, twenty pound, red and white colored, Basenji. Now, like the Shiba Inus, these Basenjis are also really fascinating, and exotic looking dogs. Otherwise know as the "African Barkless Dog", they have several monikers. Kaya, was no exception to the great breed, with her alertness and curiosity, she strutted into the play area confidently. Although she didn't "play" much, she was quite active in meeting and greeting with the other pack members.

Both Bear and Kaya are welcome to stay at Fort Fido. We look forward to caring for them during a future Overnight Boarding visit.

Here, you can spot Bear and Kaya getting to know Jack.



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