Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Copper & Zoey Duo!

Yesterday morning, we had two choice dog-gals in for their assessments... Copper and Zoey! Copper is a thirteen year old, sixty-eight pound, black and brown colored, Doberman Pinscher Mix. Zoey, is a two year old, sixty pound, black, English Labrador Retriever. We had these two "sisters" stay with us in our Big Roll.

Copper did a swell job amongst the group. Being the eldest of The Roll, she didn't play a whole lot, which was more or less expected of her. Copper did however, meet and greet with a few different dogs, in a polite and mature manner. Copper pretty much just hung out, yet seemed very content with the situation.

Now Zoey on the other hand, was all about having fun and getting a wee-bit rowdy. She spoke good "DOG", socializing her way into vigorous play. Zoey had a splendid time at The Fort. She played hard with several different dogs, including Fort Fido regular, Zipper.

Both Copper and Zoey are welcome back here anytime, they are quite suitable for our pack. We plan on seeing them soon for an Overnight Boarding stay.

Here is a excellent little clip of Zoey and Zipper getting to know one another.

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