Thursday, February 13, 2014

* Stellar New Board & Clips *

Checkout the new chalkboard we got up in our lobby. It displays all of our current rates and services... It's been a long time coming, we should have had this baby up years ago to avoid any "confusion" haha.

Thank you to my wonderful girlfriend for the help on this project. She built most of it, and, kindly and lovingly scribed the info. onto the board, with magnificent penmanship I might add. Absolutely beautiful! We used these new-to-us "chalk markers" for the project and they are really cool. I highly recommend them for all of your chalk-board-writing needs lol. The fine folks over at Narrows Brewing CO. recommend them to us. ;)

In other happenings around The Fort, and in video, we have three hits from "The Captain", a funny one of Kingsley and Theodore, and, a cute clip of Rusty and Tucker playing.




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