Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Tip-top Trio

We were certainly "busy beavers" this morning... Fort Fido welcomed three newcomers in for their assessments!

Get to know the mini-pack that is Maye Maye, Milo, and Otis.

Maye Maye is a six year old, twenty pound, beige and white colored, Lhasa Apso/Cocker Spaniel Mix. She did well upstairs, in the Little Roll, and seemed to dig the experience. Maye Maye's a smart canine that reminds us a bit of Fort regular, Mimi.

Milo is a five year old, twenty-five pound, brindle marked, Dachshund Mix. He's a sharp looking dog that also did a good job here today, with his "sister" Maye Maye, in the Little Roll. Milo was very watchful over his "mini-pack" members. He too, enjoyed his stay.

Last but certainly not least, was Otis. He is a five year old, thirty-two pound, beige colored, Pomeranian Mix. Now Otis seemed to have the most "big brother" energy, out of the trio. He watched over his "siblings", as a big brother traditionally would. He socialized well, and was quite eager to meet with incoming pack members. Although none of the three dogs played too much, as it can be a lot to take in on a first day... Otis, was definitely the most active. He frolicked and meandered about the Little Roll play area in high spirits.

Maye Maye, Milo, and Otis are welcome to come back to Fort Fido anytime. We plan on meeting with them again soon.

This isn't too "action packed", but in the following clip, you can spot each member of the "trio".


P.S. Milo, his name is pronounced M-Y-L-O-W, not to be confused with M-E-E-L-O-W lol! Just like the "Milo" from one of my favorite pet-movies.

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