Thursday, February 6, 2014


(Brix posing for the camera)

Checkout some of the sweet new toys and products that just came into The Fort!

We have some really awesome stuff from KONG. They now have many more good "interactive toys", to help keep the canine-brain stimulated. Some you can stuff with wet food or peanut butter, while others are to be used with dry kibble. Another cool thing KONG now has, is a frog squeaker toy that really lasts... At least compared to other squeaker toys we've come across.

There is also a real neat new line of poop bags and poop bag carries. One of the smartest products we have in now, is an all-in-one food bag clip/measuring cup. The same brand, DEXAS, also have a very clever collapsible bowl.

Last but not least, Cortez, is selling a tremendously good canine oral hygiene spray. It is really neat stuff made by PetzLife. "Corty" has even gotten Gibson and Marco Polo to try it. It freshens breath, while also keeping teeth and gums healthy. It's even safe for humans lol! Made in the USA and Veterinarian recommended.

No just for fun, here's a rad clip, taken today, of the "Handy Man" in action in the Little Roll.

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