Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jasper & JoJo

This morning we had the pleasure of assessing Jasper and JoJo. These neat pooches, from the same family, gave The Fort a go and did well.

Jasper, is a cool-looking, four year old, forty pound, Schnauzer Mix. He entered our Medium Roll with his tail wagging, and it became clear early on that Jasper has socialized with dogs before. Although he didn't play a whole heck of a lot, he seemed fairly comfortable spending time with the pack. He "barked dogs off", when not wanting to play, and exhibited very good bite control. Jasper even had a little "play moment", with Medium Roll regular Emmett.

Jasper's "older sister", JoJo, is a kind, thirteen year old, thirty pound, Beagle. This mature gal, stayed with us in our Little Roll. Up there, JoJo was calm and at peace, she didn't have to worry about many younger or larger dogs bumping into her, or agitating her. JoJo pretty much just lounged around, and also meandered a bit. She really did great for an older canine, not minding the few rowdy, young, whippersnappers that she did cross paths with.

Both Jasper and JoJo are welcome to visit Fort Fido any time they'd like. We hope to see them here again soon.

Be well,


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