Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cool Clips and a Happy Birthday to Tazzie!

One from the Big Roll and three from the Medium Roll... Sorry Little Roll, we'll get ya soon! ;)

Mollie and Ziva, among many others we had in there today, were getting along like two peas in a pod.

New puppy-boy Bear has been branching out nicely. Here he starts to romp with Macs and Otto.

Emily and Phoebe are best friends. They are a very good match as far as size and play-style are concerned... You can see what I mean in this clip.

Another set of best buds, Barkley and Diego roughhouse a lot when they meet, usually twice a week.

Happy Birthday to Miss Tazzie! She turned the big "five years old" today. Her ma Lisa was kinda enough to bring in treats for all (Including some for us, thank you kindly!), be sure to grab some treats for your pup on the way out. Sorry, the donuts we received are pretty much gone lol. :)

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